My experiences as a mum, campaigner and Councillor shaped my Labour values. I am proud to say I work with manufacturing industries, helping to create jobs and rebalance the economy away from the banking sector. 

I grew up in Whitechapel and attended Harry Gosling School along with my 6 brothers and sisters. This is where my roots are and where I live and work.


I have delivered social justice through my voluntary, public and private work by delivering apprenticeships, getting better pay and work conditions and secure jobs for people. I helped defend vulnerable members of society through my work with Citizens Advice Bureau.


I am a proud member of Unite the Union.

What drives me?

My work in the community

To find out more about what I have been campaigning for, click here.

I woke up one day in 2017 and my life changed then and there.


My duties as a Stonebridge councillor, my work, my children and my bills all became secondary issues. Pain was all I knew.


I was subsequently diagnosed as having Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition which can be highly debilitating. I spent long periods under the care of my GP and NHS Trust.


I cannot forget the care and attention I received from them during this period and remain humbled and thankful for it.


I  have pledged to support and campaign for the NHS and stop the Tories with their wrecking-ball policies and PFI initiatives.

This is what drives me.

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